Our lovely range of very special dolls.

Gifts Sew Unique can create your own personal doll for that special child in your life.

We can match hair and eye colour, create a wardrobe of clothes, create interests and hobbies for the doll to match the new owner.We can make twin dolls for twins or create a unique 'little sister' or 'little brother' for an only child to play with.

Just give us some details of the interests and hobbies of your special child and we can create a new playmate who will be loved for years to come. Who knows, they may even go to University together!

Twin Dolls created by Gifts Sew Unique Music loving doll in modern clothes created by Gifts Sew Unique Doll in pretty floral dress with parasol created by Gifts Sew Unique Doll in modern clothes sitting on a sofa with a mug and remote control Doll in Victorian dress sitting on window sill Doll in victorian floral print dressFamily Group of dolls created by Gifts Sew Unique

Our promise:

To provide Gifts that are Unique to you. You will never find an identical product, (unless you ask for two items the same).